Wine production

Azienda agricola “Le Vigne” produces DOC grapes and wines , representatives of the Valtidone area, just outside Castel San Giovanni, in the Piacenza province.

Areas for your events

Our just refurbished tasting room, with the broad green areas surrounding it, is at your disposal for parties, business meetings, etc.

Wine tasting

We offer tastings of our finest wines like Barbera, Gutturnio, Bonarda, Malvasia and Ortrugo, all of excellent craftsmanship, fruity and pleasant. 

Our Story

It all started a long time ago in 1865, when Isaia Guglieri begun cultivating vines, in order to produce wine following the finest enological rules of the time. 


Derives its name from the grandfather of our family , a great lover of beauty, art and work, and therefore a great lover of a good wine to enjoy and to 'listen' to. This wine is made for at least 85% from Bonarda Piemontese grapes called Croatina locally . Intense ruby red color, dry and fruity , light tannins and lively. Depending on your taste , the wine combines well with regional Italian dishes ranging from soups , main courses of meat to desserts.



We chose this name for our most full-bodied wine , in remembrance of the people who , with dedication and hard work, have helped us to realize our dream of growing these vines always giving advice “sulla vite e sulla vita”' in other words, about the vines and about life .

This wine is a native of the hills of Piacenza , achieved through the merger of Barbera grapes (from 50 % to 70 % ) and Bonarda grapes ( from 30 % to 45 % ) . The color is bright red and the wine has an intense , fruity aroma with a pleasant, full, robust flavor , and a 12.5 degrees alcohol content. It combines well with fine , cold cuts typical of the region . The more mature , classic Gutturnio is particularly suitable for filled pasta and game dishes.


Bears the name of our first parents , who have had the guts to design the layout of the entire company. This sparkling wine contains at least 85 % Barbera grapes and has a ruby ​​red color and a characteristic perfume. The taste is dry and fruity with a slight hint of tannin . Served at a temperature of 10 ° C it is ideal as a pre-dinner drink while it can be combined with rich meat and cheese dishes when served at a temperature of 16 ° C.


This native wine from the Piacenza hills , is created by the blend of Barbera ( 50% to 70 % ) and Bonarda grapes ( from 30 % to 45 % ) and is aged for three years in oak barrels. The color is bright red and the drink has an intense , fruity fragrance . It is a very full-bodied wine with a firm finish and an alcohol content of 12.5 % . It is an excellent companion for stuffed pasta dishes , roasts and game.


The name was chosen to commemorate the beloved wife of grandfather Alfredo, great embroiderer. She lived in the 19th century and spent much time in the house with other women. They thus had the opportunity to refine embroidery techniques as well as taking care of the large family. In short she was an "Amabile" woman like the Malvasia wine which bears her name.

Our hilly area produces the Malvasia grape variety "Candia Aromatica DOC” . The wine has a straw yellow color , distinctive aromas and a fruity, aromatic yet dry flavor.  It is a fresh and lively drink. Amalia combines well with hors d' oeuvres , white meats, fish and light desserts . She ought to be drunk young at a temperature of 10 ° C. 


This native wine, typical of the Piacenza hills, is produced with grapes from the vine of the same name : Ortrugo . The color is straw yellow with a greenish tinge . This sparkling drink has a delicate , fresh flavor with a distinctive dry bitter aftertaste . It is a very pleasant aperitif and goes well with appetizers , white meats , fish and cheeses .

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* Colli piacentini


The territory of the Piacenza hills has a large concentration of medieval castles and fortresses , marked by the history of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza . These structures remain a symbol of ancient glory and artistic beauty of Italian architecture. In addition to these fascinating and rich remnants of history, there are in this region many old and large farms and vineyards . John Vicentini , a well-known writer and expert in the field of food and wine said years ago that the wines of the producers in Piacenza are fashioned in their own image 


The hills called " Colli Piacentini " enclose four valleys : Val Tidone , Val D' Arda , Trebbia and Nure , coming down from the back of the Apennines to the city of Piacenza . These hills are rich , both from a historical and agricultural perspective with an area of ​​nearly 6800 hectares (of which 98 % is hill area is between 150 and 450 meters above sea level ). 

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